PT Indoreka Duta Multisukses

Indoreka Duta Multisukses sebagai distributor peralatan elektrikal Explosion Proof untuk Oil And Gas (Gas hydrogen, Acytiline, Propane, Metane, dll), Refinery, Petrochemical, Offshore And Onshore, Storage Bulk LPG , LNG , SPPBE dan daerah berbahaya lainnya. Yang meliputi : - Lampu Explosion Proof : - Lampu TL(Fluorescent) Explosion Proof - Lampu Gantung Explosion Proof - Lampu Sorot Exposion Proof (Flood Light) - Vessel Tank (Tangki) Explosion Proof - Lampu Portable/Senter Explosion Proof - Lampu Emergency EXIT Explosion Proof - Lampu Emergency Fluorescent Explosion Proof - Lampu Jalan Explosion Proof - Box Panel/Junction Box/Enclosure Explosion Proof : - Box Panel / Junction Box Explosion Proof for Star Delta / Distribution Panel - Terminal Box Explosion proof - Junction Box / T Dust / Fitting Conduit Explosion proof - Local Control Station Explosion Proof - Control Station Explosion Proof : - Push Button On-Off Explosion proof - Emergency Stop Explosion Proof (Flood Light) - Rotary Switch (Selector Switch) Explosion Proof - Plug And Socket /Receptacle Explosion Proof - Electric Motor Explosion Proof : - Three Phase Explosion proof (Foot / Flange Mounted) - Single Phase Explosion proof (Foot / Flange Mounted) - Accecories Explosion Proof: - Cable Gland /Reducer/ Plug/ Elbow/ Sealing Fitting/ Flexible Conduit Explosion Proof, - Sirine dan Warning Light Explosion Proof - Telepon Explosion proof - Blower Explosion Proof, Exhaust Fan Explosion Proof,Air Conditioner (AC) Explosion Proof Brands : - ASP, FEAM, Nordland, Cortem, Hubbel Killark, CEAG Crouse Hinds ( Eropa – Amerika ) - Warom, Xianghua, Nibbe, EEW-HRLM, dll (China) (Certified products according to ATEX,CENELEG,KEMA,INERIS,IEC and Europe,American,China Standard lainnya)



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